Volkova Sisters

Do you know that feeling when you find some good and interesting music and then you realise they are locals?

I knew the name Volkova Sisters since I don’t know when, but when it turned out that they are Hungarian I was even more enthusiastic.

eDespite the fact that Hungarians are considered to be one of the most pessimistic nations in Europe, these dark notes are not too common here. The almost aggressive and strict electronic bass sounds seem like from ’80s Jean Michel Jarre era. The atmosphere of Volkova Sisters’ music also got references from the utopias of that age.

Originally from Budapest, the group is now based in London, but they still have really strong connections with Hungary. They express their opinion about politics or give their music to successful Hungarian movies such as “White God”. They’ve also toured in the US and performed at SXSW. You’d better listen to them, because you might hear about them a lot in the near future.

Volkova Sisters’ new album “Blood Shapes This Faith” is on Soundcloud and Bandcamp.


Photo: Wanda Martin

Volkova Sisters on Bandcamp, Soundcloud, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, www.

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