Wang Wen 惘闻

Beyond post rock with surf, glitch electronica, and 70s progrock synths.

Seminal post rock band Wang Wen, out of Dalian, return with their 11th studio LP, “100​,​000 Whys”, which contains some of the outfit’s most beautifully rendered compositions, as well as their most agile.

While the band’s signature touch and deft musicianship are very much present, the band feels more at ease exploring other realms throughout the album’s eight tracks, finding room for warm Spanish hues, surf, glitch electronica, and 70s progrock synths.

The way the band weaves in and out of these distinct styles and rich layers while trailing an overarching theme is mesmerizing, particularly on the standout track “Shut Up And Play” – which kicks off with a supple flute-led melody before turning the adrenaline up and building into a taut John Murphy-esque score before finally crashing down into a synth-heavy prog metal climax.

The pioneering post rock spirit is stronger than ever with Wang Wen.

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