Warhaus consists of members of no less than 3 acts that featured on beehype before: Balthazar, Faces On TV and Soldier’s Heart. The founder and the real front guy is Maarten Devoldere from Balthazar, who started playing solo shows under that moniker a few years ago.

Now he seems to be ready to take this project to the next level, with a recent appearance on The Great Escape in Brighton, and a first single that was received with great acclaim from the audience and critics alike. A great live show at Les Nuits Botanique a few weeks ago underlined the potential of Warhaus.

Sooner or later Balthazar will appear again, no doubt about that, and it may always be the main musical vehicle of Maarten Devoldere. Warhaus seems to be here to stay too, on the other hand, and that’s the truth, even with a single that’s called “The Good Lie”.

Warhaus’ debut album “We Fucked a Flame into Being” is set to come out on September 2nd via Play It Again Sam.


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