We Will Kaleid

One minute in, only a suffocating bass is left before the second verse comes in.

Keen followers of the German scene as showcased on this site may have noticed that Sinnbus artists are featured a lot on the beehype: Odd Beholder from Switzerland, the Norwegian Einar Stray Orchestra or the Berlin coalition of Yeah But No, The/Das and Me and My Drummer.

The regular presence here of the label’s roster is due not only to these artists tapping into a particular indie pop zeitgeist drawing from electronic, folk and rock influences. It’s also because they do it especially well, paying attention to detail in sound design and infusing already appealing tunes with rhythmic or synthetic flourishes that also convince listeners less attuned to hi-fi pop.

The latest in line is Münster duo We Will Kaleid. After the first album called “A Shape of Fading” released in 2017, Jasmina de Boer and Lukas Streich have been releasing single tracks since last November. If “Karyon” dealt in warm synthesizers and (mostly) soft vocals, “Lingual” put the electronic percussion up front while still holding back on energy.

The third and most recent single, “Mogilalia”, is the fullest realization of We Will Kaleid’s artistry yet. The synth recalls the Prophet 8 used to astonishing effect by James Blake on “The Wilhelm Scream”, like an electronic rendition of a slowly burning fire. One minute in, only a suffocating bass is left before the second verse comes in. Not long afterwards, the bass is back and vocal samples fly around it like a swarm of birds shaken from sleep by the deconstructed percussion.

When de Boer comes back in, she does it with an intensity comparable to Inéz Schaefer’s volcanic eruptions with ÄTNA. The song then shifts into high gear with a mosquito synth buzzing atop deep drums, led by powerful vocals: “You don’t own me, brother / I don’t owe you anything.” “Mogilalia” ends abruptly, leaving as an afterthought its bassy elements for the listener to cling on to.

For those hungry for more (yours truly being of them), We Will Kaleid will release their new EP “Tongue” in October.


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