Wentru is a Chilean band excelling in classic pop songs in which infectious melodies conceal emotional depth. “Esquimal”, or “Eskimo”, is their fourth full-length album overall, and first with vocalist Daniela Castillo. And it might be their best.

The musical style of the band has been described by Carlos Montivero, founder and mastermind behind Wentru, as “pop azul”. It is characterized by captivating melodies with a slightly melancholic vibe, usually driven by a dialogue between female and male voice.

Fortunately, Daniela Castillo has proven to be a great addition, her pure timbre harmonizing perfectly with Montivero’s gentle voice. In “Balazao”, the first single off the new album, they create a truly sublime atmosphere.

While on their previous releases the sound has been progressively veering towards electronic, on “Esquimal” acoustic instruments play a more prominent role, bringing the music closer to the classic indie-pop/rock sound.

You can hear the album in its entirety on Youtube.


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