This alt-rock quartet is a collective of renowned Slovenian musicians, who played a notable role in shaping the new scene of the North East region Prekmurje.

Before Werefox, they’ve been members of local bands such as Sphericube, Manul and Psycho-Path, which toured around Europe quite a lot.

Werefox’s recent video, “Triads”, is a heavy hitter – showing the best of the band including the catchy chorus and echoing guitars. It’s also the first single from their fresh album named “Das Lied der Maschinen” released for Moonlee Records – one of the most active local indie labels.

It was produced by Hannes Jaeckl – band’s long-time friend and the former frontman of Austria’s noise rock band Sans Secours. The effective video which continues the story of the album artwork was directed by the bands bass player Manuel Hahn.

You can stream “Das Lied der Maschinen” on Bandcamp.


Photo credit: Manuel Hahn

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