Electronic folk / pop from the mesmerizing Argentinian / Uruguayan duo Weste.

Back in April this year, the Buenos Aires-based duo of Clara Trucco (from Argentina and the project Fémina) and Ignacio Perez (from Uruguay and the project Mushi Mushi Orquesta) relased a colourful album called “Huestes“.

Weste like to keep their tracks short and vivid. As a result, their electronic folk as presented in these 11-tracks has a rare intensity – in spite of its delicate sound, smooth chords, and the chill atmosphere Clara’s repeated themes bring to this material.

“Huestes” is also among the latest cases to confirm the opinion that the most interesting music currently coming out of Latin America is a mix of local tradition and soft electronica. You can consider this album the time vehicle to past or future – and both would be true.

The whole album lasts just above half an hour, so it’s worth at least one full listen – though we’d recommend at least half a dozen. But if you need us to pick a starting point, “Rio I”, “Rio II”, ”
Noche Calida”, “African Cisne” or “Deshielo” – any of them would be a great first taste.

You can also begin with “Desaprensiva”, their latest video. It’s just 2 minutes long and hardly demonstrated what you can expect from other ten tracks.

But that should still be enough to get you completely hypnotized with Weste’s music, and encourage you to make the right decision to hear “Huestes” in its entirety.

Stream “Huestes” LP on Bandcamp and Spotify.


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