Whispering Sons

We’re flooded with new music nowadays, so it’s getting ever harder to be surprised by freshly arrived tunes after just a few seconds. “Wall” by Whispering Sons is a guarantee for love at first sight, though.

It kicks off with an intriguing drone, immediately followed by thrilling drums and an even more exciting guitar line. When the vocals kick in, you’d think that the legendary Nico has returned amongst the living.

Luckily this isn’t the result of some “lost recordings”. Whispering Sons are alive and kicking. The crossover of new wave, shoegaze and psychedelic stuff has rarely been this good.

This very young band recently won the Brussels Rock Race, a contest for students, and will release an EP called “Endless Party” containing this gem in December. We’re looking forward to that one, as well as to seeing one of the gigs that will follow the EP release.


Photo credit: De Moeial & Emily Schennac

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