The White Eyes (白目樂團)

Formed in 2004, the White Eyes is an unique female fronted post-punk band which create wild and furious feelings through rock and roll music.

Heavily influenced by US riot grrrl band Bikini Kill, the lead vocal Gao Xiao Gao (高小糕) is notable for her pathos on stage that stipulates the audience with passion and honest attitude without reservation.

Having played at SXSW and Summer Sonic – though Anti-Aesthetic always initiates topics with their dressings, outlooks and performances – the White Eyes is no doubt one of the most powerful rock bands in Taiwan.

The song “Dead Boy” (死男孩) is a dark and horrible love song that clearly express their inner naked feeling about love. As rock and roll as it could be, the White Eyes brings different dynamic atmosphere in the Taiwan music scene.


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