Who Killed Bruce Lee

Who Killed Bruce Lee are a Lebanese quartet presently based in Germany where they’re busy cooking their upcoming album.

Known for their killer grooves and catchy riffs, the four bearded dudes from Beirut released their first 4 tracks EP back in 2013 and have been consistently releasing video singles ever since.

A week ago, they finally gave us a taste of their second crowdfunded album “Distant Randez Vouz” with the video release for the debut single.

“Born Addicted” sounds, at first glance, like the boys have left their funky grooves behind for a quality produced dark, garage-y guitar riff over a tread-y beat, nevertheless maintaining their insanely catchy aspect.

The black and white video seemingly paying homage to the widely popular “Seven Nations Army” added to the tune’s grim and promises more great highly produced videos from “Randez Vouz”.


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