Like many Dutch media, we also laud WIES’s vigorous mix of pop, electronics and garage.

In 2018 Jeanne, Jasper and Tobias formed the band WIES. Soon they were picked up by national radio (3FM) as promising talent and won some prestigious awards (Grote Popprijs van Nederland 2018, Amsterdamse Popprijs 2019), everyone lauding their vigorous mix of pop, electronics and garage.

The meaning of their name remains a mystery as the band doesn’t wanna speak about it (yet). A little google search revealed that WIES is a Dutch girl name that has meanings ranging from battle noise, renowned warrior to very wise. Not too surprising considering their energetic and punchy sound.

Hopefully in 2022 they can do what they planned for 2020: performing at festivals and releasing a record. In the meantime the band is treating us with great singles such as “Barman” and “Radiostilte”.

Last month the trio, joined by new drummer Dan, released the ultra catchy single “Meisje”, which combines a funky bassline with an addictive chorus that you will whistle along after the first play.

And because you’ve probably always wondered how Radiohead would sound in Dutch, don’t miss the splendid cover of “Creep” they performed last year.


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Photo: Ehlana Polgara

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