Within You Without You

Dubai-based duo Within You Without You (WYWY) have only released two singles yet. But you can hear they’ve already found their own sound, which is a surprisingly clear amalgam of quite broad inspirations.

Simultanously appealing for fans of shoegaze, electro(nica), and slow-core, WYWY keep one thing consistent regardless of the choice of instruments at a particular moment. And that constant thing is a gloomy, hypnotizing atmosphere mainly based in bass and reverb.

A follow-up to “That Changes Everything”, which came out in October, the duo’s new track “Questions” is even darker than its predecessor, at least as far as the sound is concerned. Because at the same time, it gives more space to Christianne Alvarez’s dreamy, yet piercing vocals.

You might know Christianne’s voice from another UAE-based group Parallel Sound System, and her partner in WYWY, Mckie, takes care of arrangements.

Right now, the duo is preparing release of their debut EP, “You’re Blessed”, and maybe it sheds more light if not on the duo themselves, then maybe on where they’re aiming at sound-wise.


WYWY on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter.

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