Wooden Peak

Between electronica and restrained indie/folktronica, Wooden Peak’s new album “Yellow Walls” should equally apply to fans of Lali Puna, Hood and Nicolas Jaar.

We’ve been waiting for the Leipzig-based duo of Jonas Wolter and Sebastian Bode to relase their fourth album since we heard the song “Stitch” back in October. A four-minute electronic reverie, it cought our attention in the first seconds and still keeps us enchanted after all these months.

Quiet but powerful, well- but not over-produced, it impressed with its transparent sound and half-finished melodies that ask you to guess yourself where they might go further.

Just like in the video for “Stitch”, they might use simple tools, but use them with such creativity – “exploring our own limits” they call it – and that should keep your ears and eyes focused on them until the very last second.

That inconspicuously spectacular single was followed up by “Swarm” (this main guitar riff could come from Radiohead) in mid-January, when the LP “Yellow Walls” was also released in its entirety. Musically, the album will remind you why we fell in love in the whole indietronica/folktronica scene back in early 2000s, and yes, Germany was at the front of this particular sound.

At the same it, it reminds us – just like that second video – that Wooden Peak’s background is not just sitting in the bedroom in front of the laptops and sharing audio tracks online (or is it?). But rather fiddling together with guitar and drums, making loops and breaking them, and spending hours together to pick that right shade of yellow.

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