Rapper Worlasi’s 7-minute hymn “One Life” is probably the most extraordinary and multifaceted video to have emerged out of Ghanian music scene this year yet.

The Accra-based artist introduced this new single half a year after his debut mixtape, “Nus3“. The album included two tracks produced by Qube, who’s also co-responsible for the sound of this new single. In “One Life”, you’ll also hear an excellent guitar work by Six Strings.

But what stands out most are Worlasi’s melancholic, auto-tuned, and multi-layered verses contrasted with the heartening part of Sena Dagadu. She literally pops up in the fifth minute of the video (directed by Abstrakte Films), and she changes the mood entirely.

The rapper’s message – “You only got one life to live / If you happen to have a good one, be grateful” – suddenly gets the push it needed to be brought into life.

Photo credit: Dfcrewgh

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