Over the past months, we’ve introduced some established Belgian artists to beehype readers worldwide, and quite a few new diamonds too. Here we are again with a fresh talent.

The voice of WWWater may sound familiar to some of our readers, as she has released an EP under her real name Charlotte Adigéry as recently as March 2017!

In the past she also sung on records from other artists, among which the arena filling Belgian band called Arsenal, who featured on beehype with their single “Temul (Lie Low)” in 2014.

WWWater seems to be her new moniker, and the first single she releases under this name is also called “WWWater”. It’s weird and it’s familiar, it’s poppy and it’s challenging, it’s soothing and it’s exciting.

It’s WWWater. The word doesn’t exist, but it’s there now, and you will probably not forget it very quickly again. Especially if you know that the EP was released on Soulwax’ own label called DEEWEE. Good company, indeed.


WWWater on Soundcloud, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

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