Xie Yugang

Ambient soundscapes full of melancholy and wonder from acclaimed Chinese guitarist and producer Xie Yugang.

Very much in the same vein as Brain Eno, Wang Wen’s Xie Yugang gives a lovely ambient ode to his coastal city Dalian and Echo Library, the bookstore, gallery, and above all, a piece of mind that was a safe haven for artists.

Recorded in the winter of 2016, Yugang’s new 11-track album “Echo in Library” brings ambient soundscapes that are rife with melancholy and wonder.

While Echo Library had to shut its doors this past summer, there’s always solace in be found in the desolate landscapes of our minds as evident on the piece “Dali is a Cat (rest in peace)”.

Stream “Echo in Library” LP on Bandcamp.


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