If you like indie pop and musicians like Faye Webster or psychedelic rock as represented by Mac DeMarco, xiexie is the band you should listen to next.

The hidden theme behind xiexie’s music is science fiction. On their new album “wellwell”, xiexie take you out of your ordinaly life into an unfamiliar space. While listening to xiexie, you might find yourself in a parallel universe or in someone’s dream like in their video for “UMA”.

The guitarist and drummer of the band used to play groove-oriented J-pop. They formed xiexie by inviting a bassist who was influenced by James Jamerson and a vocalist who had been listening to Motown artists and music from musical since childhood.

They take the melodies of Japanese songs and combine them with the sound of US indie rock. If you like artists with similar tendencies, such as Salyu or Spangle call Lilli line, you should certainly listen to xiexie.

The guitarist Yamato, who brings the melodies, said in an interview with “Digle Magazine”: “I like folk rock like Fleet Foxes. The words are important for playing folk music. And I think that songs that are based on folk music but incorporate other genres can still be cohesive. We have a similar approach of mixing alternative rock and classic rock elements.”

Xiexie have already performed at the Fuji Rock Festival and played a solo show in Taiwan. They could soon be coming to your country.

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