Yanin (ญาณิน)

If you’re looking for young talents in this region of the world, Bangkok-based singer Yanin (ญาณิน) is clearly one of the most talented new voices in the Thai music scene.

The first time we introduced her was when she collaborated with the producer Casinotone. Together, they recorded a soft and sensual synth hymn to Saturday love. A few weeks later, they followed with a more upbeat track called “You“, this time sung in Thai.

Yanin chose her native language for her latest solo single as well. “Nothing Is Unclear” (ไม่มีสิ่งใดไม่ชัดเจน) could be her most remarkable work yet, at least if you’re into this kind of music that leaves no doubt about its beauty, with clear emotions and magnificent arrangements.

It might then seem surprising for such a confident and versatile artist to make a confession of the difficulty to make the final decision when it’s needed. But once in a while, “Nothing is Unclear”, and when you listen to Yanin’s soulful chorus you will nod with a smile of understanding.


Yanin on Facebook, Youtube.

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