Yanin x Casinotone

An splendid new single from Yanin and Casinotone, “Saturday” is a showcase of the former’s sensual vocals and the latter’s production talents.

Yanin (ญาณิน) is Bangkok-based singer-songwriter who’s already been collaborating with a range of local artists, building her own catalogue, and still looking for her very own space in the sound spectrum. With “Saturday”, she seems to have found it.

Casinotone a.k.a. Jakchai Panchanon’s production gives a solid yet delicate footing for her airy vocals. And this combination escapes any simple classifications, blending intimate electro and clear passion for thick synths with soul.

“I could make the sound that change your life and change my life tonight,” Yanin sings in the first verse, and the promise is soon to be fulfilled.

Yanin on Facebook. Casinotone on Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Facebook.

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