Yasuyuki Horigome (堀込泰行)

Japanese AOR, Shibuya-kei musician Yasuyuki Horigome (堀込泰行) has made a new masterpiece with young indie R&B group D.A.N., who added loops of beats and melodies to Yasuyuki’s demo track.

Yasuyuki was the lead vocalist and guitarist of Horigome brother’s folk duo KIRINJI. After making ten albums, he left the band in 2013.

This year, he had a new idea to make collaboration songs with musicians of the new generation, which became a six-track EP “Good Vibrations“.(Of course he loves The Beach Boys)

His collaborators are tofubeats, electro producer from Kobe, AOR unit □□□ (kuchiroro), indie rock band Siamesecats, and Indie R&B band WONK.

Every track on “Good Vibrations” is amazing and brings new challenges. On the last song, self-cover of KIRINJI’s song “Aliens”, he sings about feeling out of place or alienation in the dark side of the moon.

Yasuyuki started his musical career by collaboration with his brother Takaki, so he closed his new collaboration EP with the most popular song of KIRINJI.

Stream “Good Vibrations” EP on Spotify.


Yasuyuki Horigome on Instagram, www.

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