Yellow Fang

Colourful new video from Bangkok’s acclaimed all-female alt-rock trio is a kaleidoscopic experience deserving a multiple viewing.

For almost 10 years now, Yellow Fang have been steadily building local and international recognition as well as their instantly recognizable sound: a mix of indie pop, multi-layered vocals, enthusiastic choruses and the right amount of catchiness and unpredictability.

Their studio quality has been always accompanied by excellent, energetic live shows, and as fashion school graduates they always knew what to wear on stage. All in all, they’ve earned the name of possibly the best female rock group in Thailand. Their debut album, “The Greatest”, undeniably full of great tunes, came out two years ago and since then we’ve been waiting for fresh material.

A few months ago, they announced a new step for the band with an energetic new single “Morning”. It encompasses all qualities we loved in Yellow Fang’s music. But it also brings a new depth to their sound, possibly thanks to the producer Theodore Gaston, and an unexpected bursts of synths indeed making it a perfect wake-up song.

Now the single has received a spectacular visual treatment from the director Dean Varoj. Bringing together at least a few dozen inventive visual ideas, it’s an adventure to watch for the first time, but it certainly deserves repeated viewing.


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