Yellow Power

A genuinely old school rock group inspired by the more psychedelic sounds from the 1960s/1970s.

Yellow Power is a strange outfit. They won the first prize on the prestigious Belarusian live band competition “Basovishcha” in 2011, beating a few better known and far more professional bands. This was unexpected to the point of the public outrage – at the time nobody knew about the band, and in fact couldn’t as it was just the 4th live appearance in their very short history
Normally a band would capitalize on an unexpected success, but Yellow Power almost vanished from the public eye, giving very few live concerts and providing no recordings to their fans. It took musicians 7 years to produce their first album.

The music “Ciaplo” (The Heat) features has the same attractive qualities they demonstrated in their prized live performance. Its origins are without a doubt with the late 60s/early 70s psychedelic art rock (think of the early Pink Floyd’s heavy monotonous drums and meditative transmuting long notes on guitar and synth).

This music is deliberately and very convincingly old school, to a point when it feels genuine and authentic and therefore relevant again.

If listening to the whole album might be a bit taxing due to its long and somewhere monotonous nature (at least, if you are not a fan of “Ummagumma”), picking a single track is a wholesome experience.

“Belaya Ruzha” (White Rose) is very representative and fully compresses the message of the album in just under 6 minutes. It starts with signature psychedelic drums and a guitar pattern and really slowly unwraps into a mantra-like vocals.

As customary for psychedelic compositions, tension slowly grows and culminates in a big crescendo. Just like in good old days.

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