Airy voice, quiet rhythm, dreamy soundscape. All nice ingredients to create chilling electronic music. South Korean musician YESEO has all of them and delivered her strong debut EP, “Million Things”.

As its name indicates, “Million Things” shows her broad interest in various musical fields from chillwave and dream pop to alternative R&B, deep house, and tropical house.

However, those elements are rigidly integrated under the identity of YESEO, and her beautiful songwriting which focuses on melody and atmosphere.

Although “Million Things” is YESEO’s first EP, she has continued her musical journey since late 2015, and introduced a lot of material to her Soundcloud (where she first got attention to listeners).

She trained R&B vocal in her high school era, and started her producing career after the graduation. That’s the reason her music shows wide leap across genre and genre.

The wave of Korean female electronic musicians is continuous, and YESEO is one of the flagbearer who attract many listeners.

If you’re on heavy rotation with Neon Bunny, CIFIKA, or Yaeji, you should check YESEO too. Of course, you might already have added her to your playlist.

Stream “Million Things” EP on Soundcloud.


YESEO on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Soundcloud.

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