The loss and the victory, the dreams and the pleasure, the ups and the downs.

It’s been quite a while since we last published an article about a Belgian song sung in Dutch.
A year and a month after Brihang we are proud to present you Yevgueni, a veteran band with maybe the best song in their history, that’s spanning over 12 years.

“Nooit naar nergens” is the second single of their new album “Tijd is alles“. It is one of these songs that won’t enable you to decide what’s more refined, the music or the words. Of course lyrics are nothing without a catchy melody, but when both are impressive, you have a real gem.

The guitar and the singing don’t need more than 5 seconds to catch your attention. The idea behind the song is that life is not always free of struggles. Yevgueni is using plenty of metaphors from a cycling race to indicate the sweat and the hard work, the despair and the inner and outer fights. The loss and the victory, the loneliness, the dreams and the pleasure, the ups and the downs.

Belgium being a country where cyclism is the most popular sport after football (the real one, not the one that could also have been called “handegg”), the video is very appealing for a number of reasons. It reflects the dreams of the youth, and the memories of the older generation.


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