Art pop? Folk rock? Whatever it is, we can’t stop listening to the first single from Yew’s new album, “Bam Bam Bam”.

Yew is not exactly what you could call a brand new discovery. Having started as a celtic rock act in 2009, the band underwent a change in both line-up and sound in 2013, consisting of 7 people ever since.

Their current music is described by some as art pop, by others as folk rock, which can both be explained by their style and the instruments Yew is using. Classic rock instruments go hand in glove with a violin, a mandolin, a bouzouki and some extra percussion.

So far Yew has not been discovered by the bigger public, which may change soon. The band is about to release its new album “Bam Bam Bam” on 16 March, and the first song we hear is a wonderful one.

Both the video and the recording of “Sacramento” were done live in the studio, with the audience consisting of people who contributed to the crowdfunding project for the album release, and wearing headphones during the recording session.

The singing is smooth and subtle, while the musicians poor in the right sound at the right moment. The result comes close to what you would feel on a surprise evening with a beloved person under a dark sky without any clouds, when all of a sudden a shooting star appears.

There will be a release show in May at the Botanique, one of Belgium’s most important venues. On top of this, Yew got selected to play the Canadian Music Week in Toronto from 7 May till 13 May.

All this could be the beginning of the most beautiful era in the history of this band, and yield them recognition from a wider audience in the French speaking part of Belgium and beyond.


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