New album from Japanese singer-songwriter YeYe will help you keep your spirit up in these difficult times.

One of the most fascinating female musicians from Kyoto, YeYe has just released her fifth effort “30” last week with help of recording engineer Satoshi Yoshioka from Sawa Angstrom.

On her new album, minimal Japanese popular folk songs composed by YeYe are enchanced by her vibrant chamber pop orchestra.

On “Shiawase niwa Naranai” (We could not be happy), the second single off from this album, she sings: “We could not be going to be happy / but keep your spirit up” (Shiawase niwa Narenaikara / Yutakasa wo Hanasanaide).

She wrote on her twitter that she can choose what makes her happy, and that’s what she wanted to sing in this song: don’t be deluded by what people say, each of us should make our hearts rich by her or his own way.

In the video for this song, directed by Tatsuhiko Nakahara, you can see YeYe herself singing. Earlier this year, she released another video off the new album, “Kurashi”, which means “Daily life”, also made by Nakahara.

If you enjoy these two beautiful singles, you will certainly enjoy “30” LP in its entirety – you can check it out on Spotify and YouTube.


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