Yeyo Oslepitelnoe Siyanie

Where psychedelia, synth-pop, trip-hop and shoegaze combine with post-Soviet alternative music.

Yeyo Oslepitelnoe Siyanie (Её Ослепительное Сияние), which means Her Dazzling Shine, is a new indie pop / lo-fi project by instrumentalists/vocalists Alexander Galetski and Tatiana Laput, who also have an electronic outfit Hamlet His Highness and quite a background in various other Belarusian exprerimental bands.

Their debut album “Kvantovoe serdechko” (Квантовое Сердечко), or “Quantum Heart”, is a wild time-defying mix of Western and Eastern European influences, which brings together synth-pop, trip-hop, shoegaze with blues, early psychedelia and traces of Soviet/post-Soviet alternative music. This work got them into the 2017 half-year Top 10 by the vote of full-time critics.

The track called “Spyaschie Buddy” (“Sleeping Buddas”) is an infectious synth-pop opener to this diverse and multilayered album.

Stream “Kvantovoe serdechko” LP on Bandcamp.


Yeyo Oslepitelnoe Siyanie on Facebook, Soundcloud.

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