Young and Dramatic feat. Parks, Squares and Alleys

The unusual creative tandem of the Belarusian dream pop band Young and Dramatic and the band with the far eastern roots Parks, Squares and Alleys released the melancholic track “Passenger” in June.

The event is truly historic, as this release became the debut in the history of the new label Rodnoy Zvuk.

Music is truly for romantics, accustomed to overcoming traffic jams in public transport, a sleeve wiping the misted glass and looking curiously at random passers-by. “We recorded this track with Lesha Chumak when Young And Dramatic came to Moscow with a gig. They stopped at our house, and for five hours, while the other dudes were asleep, Lesha and I recorded the track.

The longest time we thought about writing a song. They decided that it was cool to write a track from the face of a dude who was riding a bus and looking at the townsfolk.” — said Sergei Khavro from Parks, Squares and Alleys.


Young and Dramatic on Facebook, Instagram. Parks, Squares and Alleys on Facebook, Instagram.

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