Young Magic

Three countries and three continents band together in the music of Young Magic, a Brooklyn-based project whose new album, “Still Life”, is out in less than three weeks.

While Melati Malay was born in Jakarta to an American (Catholic) father and Indonesian (Muslim) mother, her partner in the band Isaac Emmanuel came to NYC from Sydney.

Having met in 2010, they’ve quickly found out they not only share music interests (electronica meets dream pop meets inspirations from their homelands), but also visual sensibility and fascination with different cultures – quite natural in their case.

Young Magic’s debut album “Melt” came out in 2012 via Carpark Records, and the same label will soon release their new effort titled “Still Life“. They’ve already released three singles off this upcoming album, “Default Memory“, “Sleep Now“, and incredibly captivating “Lucien”:

The track was inspired by an Indonesian tradition called Nyepi, or the Day of Silence, when “no one leaves the house because it’s believed bad spirits fly over the island,” Melati explained. “They burn effigies of their monsters and then everyone hides indoors for 24 hours.”

“Still Life” is out May 13 via Carpark.


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