Youssra El Hawary

After the longest wait in the world, Egyptian accordionist and singer Youssra El Hawary finally presents us her debut album, “No’oum Nasyeen”.

You should already know her of not from elsewhere, then from our articles about her unforgettable protest ballad “El Soor” and more recently, from the video called “El Alam” we wrote about last year.

Over all these years, she seemed to be always busy with writing, touring, giving interviews and even acting. But the truth is, we have been waiting for Youssra’s proper debut full-lenght. And six years after her first Soundcloud uploads, here comes “No’oum Nasyeen” (نقوم ناسيين).

The first thing you’ll notice is how diverse and rich the arrangements are, and it might help to understand this lavishness both in Youssra’s experience and the fact she spent two years in France studying at Jacques Mornet’s Centre of Music and Accordion.

Over its 11 tracks, “No’oum Nasyeen” changes at least twice as many times and you should let Youssra take you on this kaleidoscopic experience at least several times. Whether listening closely to fully appreciate this global mixture of inspirations and instruments, or simply dancing along the rhythms and melodies of her accordion.

Stream “No’oum Nasyeen” on Spotify and Soundcloud.


Photo: Khaled Marzouk

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