Yudachi (ゆだち)

“Kudow” (空洞) is the second single from Tokyo-based quintet Yudachi’s first album. Its title means “Hollow”. It is an interesting coincidence that Shintaro Sakamoto’s Yura Yura Teikoku’s last album was named “Hollow me.”

While that album was a minimal and psychedelic masterpiece, Yudachi (ゆだち) also perform psychedelic and atmospheric music influenced by shoegaze, slow core, post rock, new wave – and they add a flavor of literature or other arts. Released on indienative, their first album is called “Yoru no Fune wa Siroku Oritatamarete”, or “A boat folded whitely at night”.

“We recorded and mixed all of the music by ourselves. Using 32-track MTR KORG D-3200, we played in our house or in the rehearsal studio,” the guitarist and singer Keisuke Mishima told us. “It is completely ‘do it yourself’ album, I think.”

As Mishima explained, their recent music video “(die staadt) Norm” took the name from an imaginary city in Michael Ende’s children’s book “Der Niemandsgarten”, where no one can dream or have any imaginations. Played backwards, the clip itself was inspired by “Never-Lane” in Ende’s novel “Momo”, which is a road to a nowhere-house, in Japanese – “Dokonimonai Ie“.

This video also was directed by Mishima, filmed and edited by Hikari Sakashita, and Natsuki Mineoka danced in the clip’s dreamscape.


Yudachi on Soundcloud, YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr.

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