Tired of spending the time intended to be the best in your life being quarantined? Here is the exact song that will resemble your mood – YUKO’s latest release “Zima”.

“Zima” (Winter) is the band’s voiced tiredness from reality – full of panic, ignorance, and multiple global combats where young people die, without fully embracing the live and happiness.

The song’s lyrics, combined from three vesnyankas (customary folk songs, usually sung in celebration of the end of winter and beginning of spring), portrays the reiterating life cycle that covers birth, wedding (consequent with the birth of a new life) and death.

Ukrainian duo YUKO is well-known exactly due to a fusion of folk and electronics, where Yulia having her background in folklore studies is responsible for the folk, and multi-instrumentalist Stas builds up all the electronics.

Their first performance took place at the Ukrainian “The Voice” in 2016. Despite rumours of being “TV-show” format band, they proved to be amazing realtime artists and their career goes up for a couple of years now.

“Despite the lyric mode,” Stas explains, “the track came out tough and chilly because of cosmic sounds and folk singing style fuelling tension”. With this vesnyanka Yulia wishes to “finish all this anguish, contention, all that blackness which makes our lives difficult and unpleasant”.


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