Yuta Orisaka

Japanese folk meets elements of post-rock and improvisations on Yuta Orisaka’s third album “Shinri” (心理), which means “State of mind”.

Yuta Orisaka (折坂悠太) made this new album with musicians named Jyuso (重奏, ensemble) from Kyoto. Jyuso’s members’ style is based mainly on 1990s post-rock and improvisations. Recently Yuta has even started to mix radio broadcasts with piano during his live performances, just like Radiohead often did.

He said in his interview for Rolling Stone Japan, that the band’s groove is important, but on “Shinri” he wanted to add something accidental.

Yuta often says that he was influenced by Blake Mills or Radiohead. So, this album reminds me of not only Blake Mills’s recent efforts but also my favorite classic songs of Radiohead.

For example, “Dabi” (荼毘, Cremation) has a guitar loop that sems like “Weird Fishes / Arpeggi” from ”In Rainbows” LP. Meanwhile “Kujira”(鯨, Whale) has synthesizer sounds which remind me of “Climbing Up the Walls” from “OK Computer” LP. And “윤슬”, which features Korean singer-songwriter Lang Lee that was featured on beehype recently, has guitar sounds like “Fake Plastic Trees” from “The Bends“ album.

While songs from “Shinri” are based on Japanese folk music format, Yuta definitely made a record full od world standard rock music.

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