Yuta Orisaka (折坂悠太)

Yuta Orisaka (折坂悠太) plays folk music in a very Japanese style, but it also includes influences from various places around the world.

He was born in Japan but when he was a child, his family sometimes moved to Russia, sometimes to Iran. After coming back to Japan from Russia, he stopped to go elementary school. He was not good at talking with other children in the same age, so he went to a free school where he could play piano, drums, and various instruments.

Some senior guys gave him great rock albums. They seemed to teach him not only music but also how to live in this society. Yuta listened Radiohead’s “Kid A” or The Band and Van Morrison’s classics. Of course, he also loves Japanese alternative rock. Gradually, he learned his own way of singing. Music seems to be his communication tool.

Now he’s got many friends, playing all around Japan, and in near future, various places in the world. To make his first EP “Zawameki” (ざわめき), or “Buzz”, as Yuta Orisaka ensemble, he teamed up with yoji & his ghost band and pianist Haruka Iijima (Nikakusui). The lead single off from this EP called “Shakuyaku” was filmed at Tottori where Yuta was born.

Stream “Zawameki” EP on Spotify.


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