Zabelov Group

It is jazz, and it is not jazz. It is modernism, but full of tradition at the same time. It is a semi-improvised, complex musical structure thats swirls with a perfectionistic care about every sound and every detail.

Belarussian-Czech duo Zabelov Group use the accordion, drums, loop station, ethereal wordless vocals and a little bit of electronics to create meandering, (almost) instrumental and unpredictable melodies. And their latest single, “Lék” (A cure), is a great exaple of that.

During its six and a half minutes, we are invited to join a sinusoidal ride, which alternates placid and unobtrusive interludes with pompous and seductive groove, sense of rythm with emotional drama.

And last but not least, an idiosyncratic dance of an actress in the accompanying video intensifies the landscape of Zabelov Group’s nu-jazzy music.


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