Zaed Naes feat. Aya Metwalli

Acclaimed Jordanian trio Za’ed Na’es continue to deliver some of the most exciting electronic music in the region as well as collaborations with talented singers.

This time the Amman-based group teamed up with Aya Metwalli, an Egyptian singer/songwriter already introduced on beehype with her oneiric solo work, for an fantastic new single called “Mashoftesh” that combines talents of both parties.

The song starts minimal, but grows quickly layer after layer until a high-frequency climax. “Mashoftesh” delights both with the toned-down parts and when Aya climbs an octave above the verses level, while Za’ed Na’es vibrate around her with their electronic textures.

Eventually, the single’s only defect is being about twice too short.

Picture: Dina Aqel

Zaed Naes on www, Soundcloud, YouTube, Facebook.
Aya Metwalli on Soundcloud, Facebook, YouTube.

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