Natalia Zamilska took the underground electronic scene in Poland by storm when her debut track, “Quarrel”, was released back in 2014.

A piercing mix of minimal techno, industrial and noise, it was fresh and exciting, positioning her as one the most promising new artists, with a distinctly uncompromising approach.

Two years later “F*** Fray”, the first track to be released off her sophomore EP, demonstrates that Zamilska’s sound is still as abrasive as ever.

Driven by a harsh machinic beat, the song pulsates with raw, untamed energy, steadily gaining momentum to finally burst into a noise-infused anthem.

You can stream her new EP, “Undone”, in its entirety on Bandcamp, and watch the latest video for a track called “Rise” on YouTube.


Zamilska on Facebook, Twitter, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, YouTube.

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