Zani (渣泥)

Rock meets pop Taiwanese way in the music of the Taipei-based quartet Zani (渣泥).

Formed in 2016, Zani is a female-fronted band consisting of powerful singer Roxi, innovative guitarist Robin, stellar bassist Ka Wang and hard-hitting drummer ChaCha. Their music represents a new kind combination of Rock’n’Roll and Pop Music.

Their debut EP “Half Heart” (半心) has earned wild loyal audience and invitations to perform at music festivals. It’s hard to resist getting addicted of their creative sound arrangements and their emphasized lyrics.

They are now having a concept tour named “Broken Series ’18: Tony,” documenting the transformation of a man through their live performance. With Zani’s creative ideas and continuously experimental approach to music, one day they will become the iconic shining star of the new generation.


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