2,200 hand-painted frames – ink on glass – in one special music video.

Zazuka is a nickname of Zeina Azouqah, a talented Jordanian singer, songwriter and music arranger, who has recently released her self-titled album full of strings, piano, and her velvet voice.

For the last four years, Zazuka’s been based in Berlin, but in many songs she (luckily) sticks to her original language, and her Middle Eastern roots are combined with contemporary classical music into beautiful, absorbing songs.

When she switches to English, her songs gets this global sound and that might also come from the fact that she’s accompanied by a dozen musicians from countries like Spain, Japan, Iran, Australia, and Germany. There are also some completely orchestral tracks.

“Khadhaar” (“خضار”) is the opening track of the album and probably it’s highlight. This month it has received an amazing visual treatment from Neda Ahmadi. She has animated 2,200 hand-painted frames – ink on glass! The whole process reportedly “took three years to make”.

Stream “Zazuka” LP on Spotify and buy it on Bandcamp.


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