The Zen Circus

The Zen Circus are a trio from Pisa, Tuscany, who started back in the year 2000. Their first albums were heavily influenced by Violent Femmes, but, as the years went by, they were able to create a more personal style.

Their popularity started to grow in 2008 with the album “Villa Inferno”, made with their idol Brian Ritchie. But the real success came in 2009 with “Andate Tutti Affanculo”, which is the first album with all the lyrics in Italian (previously they were also in English, French and even Serbian).

“Nati Per Subire” (2011) and “Canzoni Contro La Natura” (2014) consolidated their status as one of the most popular Italian indie bands. They constantly play live – their gigs are always crowded and often sell out.

The singer and guitarist Andrea Appino has also a successful solo project. Now, it’s time for the new album “La Terza Guerra Mondiale”, due to be released on September 23rd, 2016.

The first single from this new album is “Ilenia”, which showcases all the strengths of the trio: a hi-fi but soulful rock sound, a catchy melody, an intense voice and lyrics that cleverly mix Appino’s personal life and political/social issues.

Expectations from this album are quite high and this song is very promising.


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