Ambient, fresh and intricate; that’s Toska in a nutshell. It may only be a couple of tracks long, but that’s enough to give you glimpse of what the new project might have in store for you.

Coming not long after their debut EP “Binary Biscuits”, another release that’s worth listening to, Toska sees the band move in a bolder direction, with clear improvements seen on their previous work as they get more comfortable with their identity.

Taking a more experimental approach, the duo employ the use of subtle tempo changes, unconventional drumming and math rock-esque guitars, all while maintaining an all encompassing atmosphere through the wise use of electronic elements that gels brilliantly with the foreground.

Zenguin has definitely set the tone for what looks like a prolific year ahead for them with this timely release. It’ll be interesting to see where the act goes from here.


Photo: Dhruv Kalra

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