Zombie Chang

“I wanna make ‘four on the floor’ music that conquers your heart!”, Zombie-Chang said in an interview with “Silly“. Her second album “GANG!” is finally out, mixing ’80s new wave and J-POP a bit like Grimes.

Stemming from Kanagawa, but currently based in Tokyo, Zombie-Chang is moniker of singer-songwriter and fashion model Meirin Yung. In her childhood, she often listened to popular music like PUFFY. Gradually, she got into punk rock, and began to sing with her guitar after dropping out of high school. Now she is making DTM music.

“Just like Salt and Sugar, I wanna take opposite sides and combine them in my music,” she said in the “Silly” interview. “While I usually listen to guitar sounds, a person like me could make completely new electronic music!”

Speaking about the lead single off this album, “I Can’t Get to Sleep”, she said in OTOTOY: “This song has several messages, for example, it could be Snow White in the modern age. We, Japanese young girls, are stronger than girls in the past. So we can’t get to sleep even though we have a poisonous apple!”


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