One of the bands that benefited from the recently established Czech music awards that are not so strictly linked to the music industry, was Zrní from the industrial city of Kladno.

Their third studio album “Soundtrack ke konci světa” (“Soundtrack for the End of the World”) catapulted them to the very top of Czech alternative scene, made it amongst the five nominees for “Album of the Year” at Vinyla Awards as well as the shortlist for Apollo Awards.

This together with their sensitive and instantly likeable music made their next album highly anticipated. “Následuj kojota” (“Follow the Coyote”) has just come out and once again shows that the band has a folk heart but does not hesitate to explore other territories.

This time around Zrní are trying to be a bit more rousing than last time, while the unusual and thus unmistakeable poetic style of both lyrics and vocals have remained untouched.

Následuj – or follow – Zrní on Soundcloud, YouTube, Bandzone, Facebook or Twitter.

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