Acclaimed Czech alt rockers Zrní are back with a new album “Široko daleko”, where they decided to keep everything simple.

It’s been a while since we discovered Zrní here on beehype, and we’ve kept our ears open for their releases ever since. It was always worth it, and it’s also true about their latest full-length album called “Široko daleko”.

It is one of many records released over the last years and even weeks that were born amidst pandemic lockdowns, which this time allowed the band to work in a more relaxed atmosphere – while they managed to push out their previous material just before covid, they couldn’t tour with it. So they couldn’t play concert, and at the same time nobody expected them to share more music right away – though fans were happy to support them financially so that they could keep working.

The keyword they picked for the album was: keep it simple. The songs, the arrangements, the lyrics. As the result, among dozen tracks about half of them last just around 2-3 minutes, and the longest one takes 4:20. And while some say this good LP could make a great EP, we don’t mind having a chance to decide ourselves which songs would make our final selection.

Stream “Široko daleko” LP on Spotify and Soundcloud.


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