Afro​-​Haitian Experimental Orchestra

Born from an intense five-day composing session, the unprobable Afro-Haitian Experimental Orchestra is both an evidence of ever vivid cultural roots of the Caribbean island – and a celebration of globalization.

This week sees the premiere of the Orchestra’s self-titled album, released on Glitterbeat Records. Led by Tony Allen, who used to drum by side of Fela Kuti himself, the project combines old synths, 60s guitars and 70s avant-garde with primeval rhythms that have traveled from Africa to the Caribbean and there found their own special shape.

“Putting it together was complete chaos,” the Orchestra’s guitarist Mark Mulholland admitted, who were joined by “10 percussionists from all of Haiti’s top bands.” If so, the Orchestra’s music is a great example of the creative power of chaos.

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