18 minutes of atmospheric electronica from the new Nepalese-Palkistani duo Annasir.

Annasir is a lucky discovery when a friend visited the Himalayan capital of Kathmandu in Nepal.

This project is the result of Rajan Shreshta aka Phatcowlee from Nepal joining forces with Daniel Arthur Panjwaneey aka Alien Panda Jury, who is originally from Pakistan but now living and making music in Nepal.

Their 4-track EP “Mandal” is a stunning showcasing of hidden talent. With an infant electronic music scene in Nepal, it’s promising to find this kind of grooves which has all the flair needed and the essential originality of sound.

A special shout out needs to go out to the amazing artwork with typography in both Nepali and Urdu respectively.

Stream “Mandal” on Soundcloud.


Anaasir on Facebook.
Rajan Shrestha on Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud.
Daniel Arthur Panjwaneey on Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter.

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