Aseul (아슬)

Seoul-based Aseul (아슬) is a new incarnation of Korean singer and producer Yukari. Known for a dreamy atmosphere of her songs, she now adds retro electro elements to her music on her splendid new album filled with “New Pop”.

That’s actually the title of Aseul’s first full-length, released earlier this year and, deservedly, getting lots of acclaim. Throughout 12-tracks, Aseul takes us on an otherworldly journey full of synth sounds, electro beats, airy vocals, whispers, austere melodies – and lots of melancholia.

Rather than strictly musical associations, the album brings to mind films like “Blade Runner”, “Drive”, or “Stranger Things”, due to “New Pop’s” hypnotic atmosphere and intense, even when slowed-down narration.

Aseul has written, recorded, produced and released “New Pop” all by herself, which makes her one of the most fascinating young artists in the Korean scene. And “New Pop” will certainly end up as this year’s favourite Korean record for many listeners in the country and abroad.

While you can stream the album in its entirety on Bandcamp, Aseul has released two fantastic videos off the album: “Loveless”, which is actually quite shoegaze’y in the mood (you can watch it above), and a more dynamic “Fisher” (below).

Both of them will be a good starting point of the fascinating trip through time, space, and human (or maybe android) emotions.


Aseul on Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Facebook, TwitterInstagram, www.

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