Best Tracks of 2015
as selected by 8 Belgian critics



Brutus is another new kid on the block that made it to the Belgian top 10 of 2015. A weird vid, a weird song with weird guitars and weird singing/screaming by a weird female drummer resulted in a very promising year, with much more to come, undoubtedly.

And that’s not weird at all.

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Flying Horseman

No Belgian artist has appeared on beehype more often than Bert Dockx, so it is no surprise that his band Flying Horseman also figures in this best songs of 2015 list.

“Money” is an epic tune of just over 8 minutes. If you’re into Nick Cave or Wovenhand, you definitely must listen to this one.

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Team William

Team William probably provided the most anticipated comeback of 2015, and kind of lived up to the expectations. After a very surprising debut album in 2009, these youngsters remained silent for a few years.

The band made up for that though, with a new album and this single “1995”, in typical upbeat poppy Team WIlliam style.

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Creature With The Atom Brain
“Night of the Hunter (part 4)”

This is probably the most unexpected song in the Belgian top 10 of 2015. Unexpected because after a long career with some impressive albums Creature With The Atom Brain never got the attention the band really deserved.

It’s never too late, even though it looks like CWTAB will not release a new record very soon, if ever at all.

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Bazart is bound to be the hottest Belgian band of 2016. Two singles were all they needed to sell out venues of a few hundred people with smooth electronic songs that appeal to both alternative and mainstream audiences.

Bazart’s debut album is going one of the most important Belgian releases of this year, no doubt about that!

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The Hickey Underworld
“Highschool Lawyer”

Ever since The Hickey Underworld released their debut album, critics never stopped to adore the band, and that didn’t change in 2015.

Their guitar driven albums are too weird for commercial success, but music lovers liked the songs, and especially “Highschool Lawyer”.

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Run Tell Secrecy is one of the hottest labels in Belgium right now, and Vuurwerk, their best known act, got selected for the most recent edition of Eurosonic Noorderslag.

“Warrior” is a dark electronic pop song that yielded the band a lot of new fans in 2015.

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“Florent” is a tune from the very beginning of 2015 by Raketkanon, one of Belgium’s noisiest and most energetic rock acts.

The song is honouring a Belgian musician called Florent Pevée who died a year earlier at a very young age.

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“Bunker “

Balthazar has been cheering people up for over 10 years, and continues to release albums and singles of an ever increasing quality.

An irresistible bass guitar and golden melodies have been Balthazar’s trademark for a long period already, and it looks like the end is not in sight.

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Faces On TV
“Love/Dead “

“Love/Dead” is only the second single ever for Faces On TV, a band that’s ready to conquer Belgium in 2016. The foundations were put in place in the last months of 2015 with “Love/Dead”.

A catchy intro and splendid vocals form the base of a song that’s fascinating from the first second till the last.

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