Best Lithuanian Albums of 2016
selected by 3 music experts

70 cm³ of Your Chest <BR>“at first Chaos came to be”

70 cm³ of Your Chest
“at first Chaos came to be”

“at first Chaos came to be” is the second release of three-piece band with unusual name: 70 cm³ of Your Chest.

Screaming vocals, sing-alongs, atmospheric vibe and beautiful guitar passages makes it as some kind of post-hardcore/post-rock blend. The band itself describes their music style as hopecore and it fits perfectly, as you can hear darkness and sadness that evolves to nostalgic, or even happy mood.

This band is no longer band from Lithuania, because two of them moved to Berlin not long after the release of this album. (Gabrielius Baranauskas)

♪♫ Listen: “The Primordial Mix of Elements” + album stream

70 cm³ of Your Chest on Bandcamp, Facebook.

Extravaganza <BR>“Priepuoliai”


Extravaganza formed in 2010 and before “Priepuoliai” there was only one song online, besides few youtube live videos from gigs. The best and the only way to listen to them used to be gigs, so this release was long-awaited and even a surprise for post-something-metal community.

This album came out at the very end of a year, in winter. And it does fit cold winter perfectly. It is calm and dark. Even black metal’ish blast beats and depressive vocals blends into their depressive and calm mood. (Gabrielius Baranauskas)

♪♫ Listen: “Jaustis Gabiam” + album stream (Bandcamp)

Extravaganza on Bandcamp, Facebook.

Frank Fitts <BR>“Everything’s Fine”

Frank Fitts
“Everything’s Fine”

Frank Fitts are three young guys, that started the band in 2011, recently changed their name and “Everything’s Fine” is their first release behind this name.

They play kind of fast punk-rock’ish garage rock. No worries, no problems, summer, just go and party. This is how it sounds like. Feel the teenage vibes. (Gabrielius Baranauskas)

♪♫ Listen: “Everything’s Fine” + album stream

Frank Fitts on Bandcamp, Facebook, Instagram.

Ir Visa Tai Kas Yra Gražu Yra Gražu “Paradas”

Ir Visa Tai Kas Yra Gražu Yra Gražu “Paradas”

If you want to discover what anti-Soviet (or maybe anti-reality) avant-garde in Lithuania looked and sounded like, look for videos, pictures and recordings from 70s and 80s tagged with “Artūras Barysas-Baras”. He was one of the most mystical and mythical characters who, apart from making art, also traded books and records.

He was also one of the founders of Ir Visa Tai Kas Yra Gražu Yra Gražu (And everything that is beautiful is beautiful), a band phylosophy of which starts with a name. Baras died in 2005 but the band never ceased to exist and came back with a new album (after 14 years) in 2016. It’s a surreal collective that has managed to translate itself into the mindset of 21st century without losing that 80s spice that’s also very much present in the lyrics (Lithuanian-only, oops).

Will they ever perform with sewing machines instead of instruments again? Why the hell did they do that in the first place? Who knows, but the album that’s also going to be released in vinyl in 2017 is worth some space in your Lithuanian music shelf. (Daina Dubauskaitė)

♪♫ Listen: “Aš aš” + album stream (Spotify)

IVTKYGYG on Facebook, YouTube.

Kabloonak <BR>“Piano Out Of Tune”

“Piano Out Of Tune”

It’s sometimes the least visible members of the band that manage to touch you in the most emotional way possible. Yes, Kabloonak is in fact a member of one of the hottest indie bands in Lithuania, Garbanotas Bosistas – and they’re also a must-listen.

His debut album, “Piano Out Of Tune”, recorded in a very DIY way, was completely unexpected, only streamed on Soundcloud and instantly became the sountrack for Spring’2016. Kabloonak is as pure and huggable as, say, Devendra Banhart.

He could just sit on your shoulder and sing all day, too. (Daina Dubauskaitė)

♪♫ Listen: “Like Love” + album stream (Soundcloud)

Kabloonak on Soundcloud, Youtube, Facebook.

MC Mesijus x Münpauzn <BR>“Pomirtinis”

MC Mesijus x Münpauzn

“Pomirtinis” (“Afterlife”) is not just a collection of songs. It’s the first esoteric hip-hop album in Europe.

Reincarnation and the origins of the human race are the topics of sharp and extremely accurate Lithuanian lyrics (feeling sorry for all English speakers), written by MC Mesijus. He’s also a talented copywriter, champion of the European Poetry Slam 2014 and living one-man rap orchestra. His weirdly delicious words are flavoured with indescribable experimental – electronic – avant-garde sounds by Münpauzn. Make sure your bass is turned on maximum while listening.

P.S. People say if you listen to this long enough, you can get one step closer to heaven. (Giedrė Nalivaikaitė)

♪♫ Listen: “Vaistai Nuo Mirties” + album stream (Spotify)

Mc Mesijus on Soundcloud, Facebook, Youtube. Münpauzn on Facebook, Bandcamp.

Ministry of Echology <BR>“Wanderer”

Ministry of Echology

Ain’t no palmtrees nor a seaside in Lithuania’s capital, Vilnius, but why should material objects, or lack thereof, stop people from making reggae riddims?

Ministry of Echology is a 10-piece reggae band and a live proof good weather is not a necessity in order to write and record music full of sunshine. In fact, their vinyl album “Wanderer” was recorded in Ramsgate, England, and that ain’t no Kingston either.

The dubmaster Adrian Sherwood himself visited the studio and twisted some knobs, too! The album is available digitally, but this kind of music – and the story of how it was made – kind of requests a physical format.

Oh, and they’re one of the best-sounding live acts in Lithuania, too. (Daina Dubauskaitė)

♪♫ Listen: “Inna Vilnius City” + album stream (Bandcamp)

Ministry of Echology on Facebook, Soundcloud, Bandcamp.

Sheep Got Waxed <BR>“Pushy”

Sheep Got Waxed

New LP of Sheep Got Waxed is just like strong contemporary art project – hard to get at first, but looks better every time you come back to it.

Second release of three jazz musicians, who love electronica and punk, is harsh & sophisticated, but will not leave you indifferent.

I know some people who survived only 10 minutes of their concert and other people who call them one of the best Lithuanian contemporary bands ever. (Giedrė Nalivaikaitė)

♪♫ Listen: “Forro” + album stream (Bandcamp)

Sheep Got Waxed on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Facebook, www.

Vladimir Tarasov, Eugenijus Kanevičius, Liudas Mockūnas “Intuitus”

Vladimir Tarasov, Eugenijus Kanevičius, Liudas Mockūnas “Intuitus”

No Business is probably the most successful music label based in Lithuania. Numerous vinyl and CD releases have been charted by the most prolific jazz websites and magazines around the world. And, of course, it’s very hard to be a prophet in your own country.

A double album by Tarasov, Kanevičius and Mockūnas, “Intuitus” is as solid of a statement as an improvisational recording can be, interconnecting three different eras, mindsets and visions.

To top it up, Vladimir Tarasov has finally received the National Culture and Art Award together with Viačeslav Ganelin and Vladimir Čekasin for their timeless project GTČ that once put Lithuanian jazz into the map of the world. (Daina Dubauskaitė)

♪♫ Listen: “Time Loop Backwards

No Business Records on Facebook, www.

Without Letters <BR>“Unfollow”

Without Letters

In the mood for dancing as if nobody was watching? Put on the new release of Lithuanian underground fivesome Without Letters then.

Cover of “Unfollow” is marked by the neon blue colour which is a perfect reference to their new, more techno-ish sound. As they themselves say, you can catch the feeling of the present in group’s recent material.

Be sure – 27 minutes of pure urban nowness won’t last long. (Giedrė Nalivaikaitė)

♪♫ Listen: “Glacier” + album stream (Bandcamp)

Without Letters on Soundcloud, YouTube, Facebook, www.