Best Tracks of 2017
selected by Hergeir Staksberg

“Trong troyggja”

The story of a tight fitting sweater – tight a an emergency exit to be exact – is by far the best known Faroese story of 2017.

Humour, a catchy guitar riff and some excellent lyrics made an entire nation fall in love with Altverkið in 2017.

Released in May, ”Trong troyggja” was quite possibly the biggest radio hit this year.

Altverkið on Facebook.

“Tómar tunnur og munndiarré”

Somehow my personal favorite ”All Outta Fucks” went under the radar. Whatever the reason ”All Outta Fucks” is the sole definition of a hidden gem.

The energy, the groove and just overall in your face experience is way up there with the very best.

If you are into bands like Soulfly, LOK and Honningbarna I cannot reccomend this masterpiece of an album higly enough.

Amokk on Facebook, Youtube.

Danny & The Veetos

Danny & The Veetos have taken the Faroes by storm. They are super popular and everyone can sing along to their tunes.

They have even made it to the elementary schools. It just so happens that several public schools have implemented their songs in the music classes.

”Tears”, accompanied by a picturesque video directed by Daniel Thomas Stroh, is yet another catchy pop tune with a trademark Danny & The Veetos sound.

Danny & The Veetos on Youtube, Facebook.


There is no way around Eivør! She is by far the greatest voice the Faroes have ever produced. Eivør is absolute world class, and I have yet to experience a superior voice. Eivør is both and angelic and fragile as well as haunting and explosive.

If you ever get the chance to catch her live there is a 99% chance you will experience goosbumps en masse and maybe even shed a tear or two. That’s how good she is.

Eivør on FacebookTwitterInstagramwww.

“Let it”

”Best female artist” and ”best newcomer” nominee at the Faroese Music Awards. Tours in China and Spain. And now record labels are eager for her autograph.

This pretty much sums up her first year in the music business. With catchy tunes, a modern sound and stunning visuals FRUM has become one of the most sought after artists in the Faroes.

Also, check out FRUM’s another stunning 2017 video “No Shapes” along with a short interview.

FRUM on Facebook, Instagram.

Lea Kampmann

Kick off your shoes. Find your favorite chair. Sit back, make yourself comfy and press play. Follow these easy steps and you’ve just earned yourself a free ticket to some instant stress relief.

If you’re a bit stressed out and your cortisol levels are on the rise… no worries. Cortisol might very well be the ultimate stress hormone, but consider yourself lucky as Lea is the ultimate antidote.

Even if the 20 years old Lea ain’t no millionaire just yet, her debut album ”Common Blue” deffo sounds like a million.

Lea Kampmann on Facebook, www.

“Coconut Lover”

In 2017 minimalistic electro band MOMO made it official: They are absolutely nuts about fruits! So much so that the entire album revolves around fruits.

The band is even named after Momotaro. A Japanese folklore character who according to legend was a son of a peach.

As much as fruits vary in colour, taste and size so does the music of MOMO. A thoroughly thought out debut album dedicated to showing them fruits some well deserved love.

MOMO on Facebook, Instagram, www.


Orka is lead by main man Jens L. Thomsen, an audiophile unlike anyone else.

He is known for making his own instruments and sounds ranging from the harpabol (a harp made of a satelite dish) to pitching the vibrations of the Faroese mountains.

This time round Jens invites the listener to a rather dark and avant garde universe of “Atlantis”, which is unlike anything you have heard before.

Orka on Facebook, Twitter, Bandcamp, Youtube, Soundcloud.

The Bloody Beetroots feat. Greta Svabo Bech “The Great Run”

As Greta took one small step towards the microphone she took one giant leap for music.

Within a couple of years Greta was the lead character in the massive hit ”Raise Your Weapon” by Deadmau5.

With her magical voice no longer a secret we are indeed priviledged to experience her once more.

This time Greta has teamed up with the hard hitting electro band The Bloody Beetroots. Check it out!

Greta Svabo Bech on Soundcloud, Facebook, www.

The Reverends
“Sometimes I Wish”

What happens when you mix americana, nordic indie rock and a Japanese dance off?

The Reverends happens!

With their long awaited second album just around the corner ”Sometimes I Wish” is a sneak peak on what to expect.

The Reverends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, www.